I and Iyanola

I intend through this blog to share my views of various issues and events both within St. Lucia and elsewhere from my particular Male, brownskinned, African, St. Lucian perspective. There are a range of areas which have pulled me over my years and they will all be engaged here at some time or other. Expression in its various forms from fashion to music, dance, poetry(written and otherwise), fiction, language and religion will be in that bag as will issues of imperialism, race, colour, sex, gender, power, nutrition, health and whatever others pull me.

One other aim comes from the recognition that because of the scale of our concerns and interests of small Nation-States, works which address our particular concerns, history etc are apt to go out of print and suffer from lack of financial backing and visibility. Some important work never gets published and that which is not written is not given the same value as that which is. As such I will also attempt through reviews(and otherwise) to introduce certain works produced in St. Lucia and otherwise that I think are of value.

The purpose this blog serves will evolve as time goes.


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